Training Directorate

URS's training team is, experienced, knowledgeable, ethical, and mission-focused. It is dedicated and committed to enabling the Government to adjust to future flight training, training support and training service support needs with maximum ease and flexibility. URS is the Government's "right arm" organization for prompt, professional, and dependable training regardless of the mission.

The Training Directorate is the major production element in the URS organization. It is managed by the Director of Training and is comprised of the Primary, Advanced, Basic Warfighter Skills, Academics and Air Force Divisions, training over 1500 flight students per year. URS will continue to reflect a forward-looking vision to support the Army's aviation training mission at the highest levels of professionalism and productivity.

URS's proactive Safety Program maintains a seamless integration with the training program where adherence to safety is paramount. URS's experienced and qualified trainers are dedicated to achieve one goal: