Advanced | Just when you thought you could fly...

Welcome to the Advanced Division!

During this phase of training, you will learn how to takeoff, perform enroute navigation (to include holding operations), and fly numerous instrument approaches entirely on instruments without any visual reference outside the aircraft.

  • Number of Training Days: 40
  • Hours of Instructions: 51.2
  • Numbers of Exams: 4 Academic and 2 Checkrides
  • Total Course Hours: 53.2 (EEF3 BI checkride 0.8 hrs / EEF4 end of course checkride 1.2 hrs)


  • BI: Basic Instrument training provides an initial emphasis on smooth aircraft control, efficient scanning techniques, and instrument interpretation. Students must pass the IEF3 BI checkride before moving on to the Advanced Instrument phase of instrument training. The BI checkride is administered in the simulator between the 9.0 and 15.0 hour level of training.
  • AI: During the Advanced Instrument phase of training, students will learn all the necessary procedures and regulations to plan and fly a complete IFR mission. At the end of this training, students will be given their EEF4 end of course checkride in the TH-67. Successful completion of the EEF4 checkride provides the SP with their initial instrument rating.