STDS/QC - Primary | We Set the Standard

STDS/QC provides Quality Control oversight for all academics and Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW) flight instruction conducted within the Primary Division. This covers daily flight briefing, academic class presentation, Instructor Pilot/student records and No Notice Evaluation Program. Additionally retains the overall responsibility for training all newly hired Amentum Instructor Pilots and Military Quality Assurance personnel.

STDS / QC Primary
  • Number of Training Days: 32
  • Hours of Instruction: 41.5
  • Number of Flight Line Examinations:3
    • Operator's Supplement
    • Aircrew Coordination Training
    • Safety Survey
  • Academic Examinations:5
    • TH-67 Systems (Part I and Part II)
    • Instructing Fundamentals for Instructor Pilots
    • Regulations and Flip
    • Applied Aerodynamics

Instruction Overview

This course consists of 41.5 hours to be flown in 32 training days. The average daily block time is 5.5 hours. Tasks selected for training are derived from the references below:

  • Aviation Instructor's Handbook
  • FM 3-04.203
  • AR 40-8
  • IERW Flight Training Guide
  • AR 95-1
  • MOI IP Flight Training Guide
  • TH-67 Operatorís Supplement
  • Primary Division SOP
  • TC 3-04.93

The End of Course acceptance evaluation will be administered by a government Instructor Pilot or government designated Evaluator/Instructor Pilot.